“Just over one year ago our Nana Marg passed away nine years after she was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Our Nana Marg, was so giving and generous in her life. She was a very caring, selfless person and gave to community events. She was a great listener and always had time for anyone and everyone. However, we got to see Alzheimer’s brain disease slowly rob her of her memory, to the point where she didn’t even recognise her own reflection, let alone us. We saw all the pain our poppa and family went through and want to prevent others from going through the same thing. We really want to give back and honour our Nana Marg’s life by raising money to donate to the charity ‘Alzheimer’s New Zealand Charitable Trust” so hopefully in the near future a cure can be found for this horrible brain disease. “

In April Millie & Georgia ran along with 20 other people a total of 300km from Napier to Lake Ferry. As a group they ran 100 km per day for 3 days. Each runner covered over half a marathon per day! Every runner covered 75km all up.

The run was a huge success and raised $20,802.70 for the Alzheimers New Zealand Charitable Trust for a dementia research project in the memory of Nana Marg.

A big thank you to Millie & Georgia and all who supported this special event.