Successful Applications


2017 two grants were awarded.

Dr Deidre Jansson received a grant for Mechanism of Blood Brain Barrier Loss in Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Susan Gee received a grant for Enriching the environment for people with dementia in an inpatient ward.

2015 Dr Rosemary Gibson was awarded a Small Project Grant for Sleep of people with dementia and carers in NZ.

2014 two grants were awarded.

Dr Etuini Ma’u received a grant for The utility of the Maze Navigation Test in predicting of on road driving performance .

Dr Prasadarao and researchers from the National Dementia Cooperative received a grant for An Integrative review of the New Zealand literature of dementias and related conditions.

2012 two grants were awarded.

Alison McKinlay was awarded a Small Project Grant for her project, How do older adults cope with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment.

Dr Kay de Vries was awarded a Small Project Grant for her project Exploration of family/whānau/caregivers of people with dementia about their experiences of end of life care.

2010, Miss Rosemary Gibson, Professor Philippa Gander, Dr Linda Jones and Professor Tony Dowell received a grant for the study Sleep of older people with dementia and those who live with them: Pilot of an intervention.

2009 Dr Matthew Croucher, Susan Gee, Margaret Francis, Rachael Beever and Gillian Bastion received a grant in the medical research category for the project A settling effect at a difficult time of day? Short term effects of Tai Chi in an inpatient psychogeriatric ward.

Professor John Miller and Viswanath Das received a grant for The effect of peloruside and other microtubule stabilizing agents on microtubule regulating proteins: Role in neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Gary Cheung, Dr Richard Worrall, Dr Oliva Lee, Wendy Wright, Ester Wallace and Dr Carole Adamson received a grant for the study Driving assessment and beyond-An observational study.