Your gift will make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia.
Research leads to better diagnosis, improved treatment, better management, and the identification of risk factors.

Donations can be made direct to Alzheimers New Zealand Charitable Trust  bank account – 02-0800-0685909-000 

If you wish to donate via cheque or automatic direct credit please use the following donation form:
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(Charities Act Registration number CC26344)

Financial support whether large or small can be made in the form of:
  • Regular donation
  • One off payment
  • Bequest
Every gift to the Alzheimers New Zealand Charitable Trust is tax deductible. For example: if you are paying tax at 33% you will receive $33.00 back for every $100.00 you donate. Your donation therefore costs you $67.00 but your gift is worth $100.00 to dementia research.
The Chairperson and/or Trustees are happy to provide any additional information that may be required.
Please view our contact details here.